Investing in the

MCA Industry

Lexio Capital is offering diverse investment opportunities in the Merchant Cash Advance industry.

By utilizing our proprietary Underwriting process and state of the art technology, Lexio Capital is able to provide investors a variety of partner opportunities in the MCA industry with both, fixed and variable return features.

With over a decade of experience as direct funder in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry, we view ourselves as innovators in the MCA Industry with proprietary technology, processes, and products. The “Lexio Approach” makes the funding process for businesses in the US fast, easy, and transparent. Our boutique financing approach allows our algorithms to develop offers tailored to business’s unique needs and growth goals.


Investing with Lexio Capital can be a great source of passive income. We offer flexible partnership programs which can be tailored to each individual investor. We will walk you through our detailed processes in each department to help you understand if the opportunity to invest with Lexio Capital is the right fit for you.


An alternative to a traditional loan, a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is not a loan but rather a forward purchase of future receivables.


Delivery of future receivables is calculated at a specified percentage of sales and is debited from the merchant’s accounts daily or weekly.

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